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Soda ash industry access

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  In order to regulate the development of the soda ash industry, prevent duplication and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of industry in accordance with national laws and regulations and industrial policies, according to "optimize the layout, control the volume, adjust the structure, energy conservation, environmental protection, production safety," the sustainable development In principle, the development of soda ash industry access.

  First, the production enterprise layout

  (A) new and expanded soda ash production enterprises, the site should be close to industrial salt, limestone, energy, Trona resources location must meet the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Industrial Master Plan and soda ash industry development plan, must comply with national and local government to develop land use planning, environmental planning or pollution prevention plan.

  Within (b) Environmental ecological protection zone established by law, scenic areas, nature reserves, cultural heritage protection areas, drinking water source protection areas and the national and local regulations, safety distances, no new soda ash production enterprises; has been put into operation in the above area of ​​soda ash producers, it should be based on the regional planning requirements, and gradually withdraw through relocation, transfer, etc..

  (C) in the eastern region, the Southwest will no longer approve new construction, expansion ammonia base project. No approval is not close to the source of energy, there is no guarantee all the self-owned saltworks salt, soda ash and ammonium chloride are not close to markets, transportation inconvenient construction, expansion Hou projects.

  (Iv) the Northwest no longer approve new or expanded Hou projects. No approval is not close to the energy, raw materials, water, no residue field basement seepage, leakage, not fully implement the new comprehensive utilization of caustic sludge, ammonia base expansion project.

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