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Marine equipment and cold chain equipment cited market concerns

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  1. Policy booster transformation of high-end marine equipment

  Shangzheng Bao information learned, to promote China's high-end marine equipment and autonomy, strategic response to the country's maritime power, the Ministry of Finance and other ministries are studying policies to support offshore oil rigs, drilling platforms, offshore wind turbines and other high-end equipment at sea.

  Comments: At present China's marine engineering technology in the world's third tier, compared to Europe, America, South Korea and Singapore as well as a certain distance. Future offshore wind power, offshore oil and gas development offshore from advancing to the deep, deep water device should, floating and integration, will lead a group of equipment and engineering development of China's heavy industry general contractor, China State Shipbuilding, Offshore Oil Engineering and so on.

  2. Soda ash prices soaring enterprises discontinued in favor of continued strength

  Downstream benefited from the favorable factors collective outbreak, soda ash prices soaring. Social business data showed that nearly two months, up 10.4% light soda ash, heavy soda ash rose 9.62 percent, prices rose and stage the highest record since early last year. In the context of the previous consecutive price, by the end of November, we held a low-key industry conferences once again decided to raise the price of soda ash 50 yuan per ton.

  It is understood by the environmental review, the domestic soda ash double-loop technology leader was ordered to stop production, and the resumption of production more difficult in the short term, in favor of soda ash prices continue to strengthen. As prices continued pulled, Qingdao Soda Ash Industrial, Shandong Haihua, the three friends and chemical manufacturers will significantly benefit.

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