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Iron and steel enterprises to defuse the crisis

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  Currently, steel prices continued to fall, shrinking demand, orders plummeted, the growing steel business losses, the entire steel industry is facing depth adjustment. Faced with the grim market situation and the tremendous pressure on the operation, iron and steel enterprises how to defuse the crisis In 2016 China Steel Industry Association director (enlarged) meeting was held on the occasion, "China Metallurgical News" reporter interviewed the China Steel Association vice president, Valin Group chairman, party secretary Cao Huiquan.

  Reporter: In the tough market conditions, Valin Group 2015 response measures taken and achieved what effect

  Cao Huiquan: 2015, under the country's macroeconomic continued downward, Steel serious excess capacity situation, the business situation is extremely severe. Valin Group has adopted a series of measures to withstand market risks, and strive to reduced losses and increased profits: First, vigorously promote the project system, to promote a new round of tapping the potential synergies. Currently, cross-sectoral and down Valin Group established, cross-unit and cross-level research projects reached nearly 5,000. These projects are part of the strategic goal of decomposition, and there are many full launch, team work and initiative. System pushing through the project, the whole group is expected to reduce annual process costs 11 million yuan. Second, take the initiative to adjust and optimize the industrial structure, around the "15" industrial strategic layout, speed up restructuring and development, multi-industry revenue accounted for more than 30%, profits exceeding 500 million yuan. Third Boot Specification Board and other 9 major reform pilot projects, and actively and steadily push forward the reform of the three systems, 800 tons of steel production per capita goal, to build staff exit mechanism, implement employee shunt placement, repaying reduce labor projects, streamline staff of more than 5,000 jobs . Fourth, the "money chain" regarded as "life chain", from top to bottom in Group comprehensively promote the "capital, assets, funds," management innovation projects, and further broaden the financing channels and expand financing facilities, reduce financing costs.

  In addition, Valin Group has also vigorously promote "striver oriented" enterprise culture, cohesion, and strong faith, so that all employees stay engaged "winter" good spirit, confidence and courage to survive.

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