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Anti-corrosion chemical equipment urgently

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  With economic development, the demand for chemical products continues to increase, more and more production equipment to run beyond the design capacity, which is currently the global chemical companies, to prevent the process equipment failure due to corrosion and loss has become imminent The problem. Many experts believe that materials and corrosion protection measures is to reduce maintenance costs and make an important guarantee for safe and stable operation of the plant. Corrosion damage everywhere, corrosion accidents occur frequently, which in addition to the spontaneous nature due to corrosion itself has, largely because people underestimate the dangers of corrosion, corrosion protection is not deep understanding of the importance of corrosion and Protective lack of scientific knowledge, did not take anti-corrosion measures, or taking improper anti-corrosion measures. Chemical Machinery improve corrosion resistance for the purposes of today's chemical-related areas of production has a very important practical significance.

  In the chemical industry's production process, chemical machinery chemical enterprises is to ensure normal production of the necessary production equipment, chemical machinery and equipment corrosion problems faced by gradually been widespread concern in the field of chemical engineering related production.

  Chemical equipment design consideration corrosive media and associated flow, accumulating and the corresponding material, heat treatment and other requirements. In the normal design process, these factors fully into account by the equipment and related professional designers and the corresponding design requirements. However, in recent years, designed the new market economy environment, many non-chemical engineering design, manufacturing units involved in the design of chemical devices. Subject to various objective conditions, these new entrants to design units exist deep enough and ill-considered in the chemical corrosion and other aspects of the design work and other issues in chemical equipment, resulting in a safety hazard and accident. Enterprises need most professional anti-corrosion chemical equipment companies, to improve corrosion resistance and chemical machinery equipment, extend the production life of the greatest degree of chemical machinery equipment.

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