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Soda industry: find a new path in the new normal

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  Soda is one of the important basic raw material industry, occupies a very important position in the national economy. "Twelve Five" period, the soda ash industry, technological progress is obvious, but overcapacity has become increasingly prominent contradictions, the downstream demand is difficult to simultaneously increased. In response, industry experts said, "Thirteen Five" period, soda ash enterprises should increase the technical upgrading, and constantly enrich the product structure, to further improve the effectiveness of differentiated products, petrochemicals and salinization achieve integration, and thus enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

  Overcapacity sluggish demand as the norm

  According to statistics of China Soda Industry Association, as of the end of 2014, China's soda ash plant total production capacity from 25.1 million tons by the end of 2010 increased to 31.82 million tons. Among them, the United alkaline soda ash capacity of 15.89 million tons, accounting for 49.9 percent of total capacity; Solvay soda ash production capacity of 14.13 million tons, accounting for 44% of total capacity; capacity of 1.8 million tons of soda ash Trona law, total capacity of 5.7%.

  "For a variety of reasons, the last stop of the soda ash industry, nine companies, with an annual capacity reduction of 2.53 million tons. Although yield less, but by 2015 the real estate investment, construction area to reduce the impact of glass production enterprises are facing the lowest bidder, without interest The dilemma, productivity slowdown, cut production lines continue to increase, resulting in flat glass demand for soda ash falling. In addition, affected exports and domestic demand slowdown, demand for lightweight base also in decline, Although soda ash production capacity reduction, still can not offset the impact of reduced demand. "China Soda Industry Association president, said Wang Xiling.

  It is understood that the domestic soda ash prices are lower bits, the current price has dropped from 1200 to 1300 yuan / ton, the main factor is still inseparable from overcapacity and falling downstream demand this child contradiction. Domestic soda ash production capacity far exceeds demand. "2015 production of soda ash industry is almost same as last year, but reflected the market situation is still production than sales, just showing characteristics different from the past." Wang Xiling stressed that "a few years ago is the soda ash industry growth is too fast, annual increase of 5% to 10%, an increase of large quantities. But now is the country's output growth even if not cut, or production than sales, because the decline in demand for faster speed. "

  But even a drop in demand did not affect the pace of new construction. Petroleum and Chemical Planning School senior still build strong, told reporters in October 2015, Fujian Tian Chen Yao-long relocation of 400,000 tons / year of soda ash plant put into operation; salt in Kunshan, Jiangsu 600,000 tons / year of soda ash plant and grain relocation of Jiangxi Hao Salt Company new 600,000 tons / year of soda ash plant is expected in 2016 will be put into operation. Soda ash production capacity above have been released, it will lead to continued industry oversupply phenomenon.

  Domestic soda ash industry, increase exports is an important measure to alleviate overcapacity, but now abroad, especially our major exporting countries, but also new soda ash production plant for domestic exports adversely affected. Currently, Vietnam, Turkey and Iran and other countries of soda and some have been completed, some are new in. Among them, the size of Turkey in the construction of soda in 1 million tons / year, a period of two soda can yield Iran also in the 200,000 to 300,000 tons / year, the second phase of a soda plant in Uzbekistan is also under construction . Moreover, two in Vietnam and Uzbekistan soda is nearing completion, it has been put into operation in Iran soda, it is likely to affect China's exports to these countries in the future.

  Technical upgrading is the only way

  "The future must take to improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the first place. In a market economy, competition is inevitable, is not the people's will transfer objective having a certain competitiveness, the business will grow, no competition force will be eliminated, and this is cruel laws of the market. core competitive cost, the key cost components of the raw materials, energy consumption and labor costs, and to reduce costs, we must adopt advanced technology, equipment and controls. " Wang Xiling representation.

  Reporters learned that, in 2014, organized by the Association of soda ash in recent years proven experts in the soda ash industry, the effective reduction of raw materials, energy, water consumption and the ability to reduce emissions, improve labor productivity, technology, equipment, control sort and filter means, summed up 22 technology (including equipment), recommended to the entire industry, want companies to be able to combine their case, the reference in the technical upgrading of.

  "Technology upgrading is the only way business, early reform early initiative. Some enterprises due to lack of funds give up technology upgrading is not wise." Wang Xiling emphasized.

  According to Wang Xiling introduced, soda ash industry in the "five" to promote a number of major energy-saving and environmental protection technology. One important energy-saving technologies have the following:

  First, the horizontal belt vacuum filter saving technology. The filter is a fixed horizontal belt vacuum filter structure. Separation process includes cake formation, cake washing, cake dewatering, unloading and washing cloth, a continuous loop. Power solid-liquid separation from the vacuum pump to generate a negative pressure, the material filter media transmission from the mobile belt. Horizontal belt filter drum filter comparable base machine base machine base reduce wet weight of water 3% to 4%, saving about 0.1 to firing steam 0.2 t / t base; a single large production capacity up to 45 t / h, and can increase the production capacity of the calciner. The technology has been the localization and Dahua Group Dalian Chemical Industry Co., the successful application of soda ash plant, energy saving effect is remarkable.

  Second, the powder flow cooler base technology. Powder flow cooler base is the use of recuperative heat exchanger principle to achieve efficient energy consumption for heating or cooling materials. The powder material from the feed inlet into the feed hopper, is evenly distributed into the heat exchanger plate spacing, under the action of gravity and vibration from the material evenly between the heat exchanger plates and top-down controllably slow through the heat exchanger plate with the media within the indirect heat exchange. Level control system by adjusting the settings in the lower part of the hopper motor vibration frequency to adjust the feed rate to ensure that the material in the heat exchanger section adequate residence time to achieve optimum discharge temperature. Use powder flow cooler base equipment can greatly reduce power consumption, reduce alkali dust loss and environmental pollution, to achieve energy saving. The technology combines energy savings equivalent to 3.12 kg of standard coal / t soda ash. Currently this technology has been the localization and run successfully in Jiangsu Well God, Tangshan three friends, Shandong Haihua, Zhejiang Yongsan and many other production plants.

  Third, the soda ash plant whole process advanced control technology. The technology for the soda ash plant has a long process, production processes and more closely linked to the upstream and downstream material flow process associated with serious and large inertia coupling, etc., on the basis of the distributed control system (DCS) routine control on the application of multivariate prediction control, pattern recognition and intelligent control technology, the establishment of soda ash means the whole process advanced control and optimization system. Through each step multivariable predictive control and carbide production as the core of the multi-process coordination optimization control and establish the downstream process of the overall material balance and energy balance to achieve the refinement of operations and optimal operation of the device, to ensure stable production and high yield means to achieve Energy saving. The technology combines energy savings equivalent to approximately 520 kilograms of standard coal / ton base.

  It is understood that the technology has been successfully applied in a number of soda ash enterprises, and achieved remarkable results. For ammonia base, APPLIED whole process advanced control technology, can improve the conversion rate of 0.3% carbonation, tons of liquid ammonia alkali consumption is reduced 0.2 kg, tons of alkali to reduce energy consumption 5.38 kg of standard coal, reducing CO2 emissions tons of base 14 kg.

  In addition, the secondary separation centrifuge heavy alkali saving production technologies, energy-saving technologies Dry plus ash and caustic soda and clean air transform new technology are also listed in this six were among the key recommendation of the technology. Among them, the use of centrifuges secondary separation technology can reduce the wet weight of alkali water 4% to 6%, the production can save a ton of calcined soda ash steam consumption of 0.18 to 0.3 tons. By the end of 2015, the application of technology in the industry has 50% of the total production capacity, energy saving for old enterprises play an important role. The production process of sodium carbonate plus gray if using dry distillation, without going through the ash prepared milk of lime, gray water savings of approximately 2 m3 / t base; saving low pressure steam 0.3 t / t base; a corresponding reduction in the distillation wastewater discharge approximately 2 m3 / t base. In addition, the shift gas soda and clean new technology compared to traditional gas concentrated soda process, energy saving amounted to 20 kg per tonne of soda ash coal.

  In addition, the application of environmental technologies is also important for soda ash industry. The current domestic use of flue gas desulfurization lime, Limestone, only high energy consumption, and the need to consume mineral resources. For example, soda ammonia soda process, each producing 1 ton of soda ash, slag distillation to discharge waste containing about 10 cubic meters, which is about 3000 kg with solid waste, the main ingredient is calcium carbonate, sulfur-containing exhaust gas desulfurization can be used.

  "Ammonia Soda 'Nai' can be used for flue gas desulphurization equipment without the high energy consumption, which will help the continuous stable production and DCS integrated control and solid particle dispersion, good flue gas desulfurization effect, high quality gypsum, electricity less is a good way to waste resource utilization. "Minister of China Soda Industry Association Technical Consulting Qi Yue said.

  According to Qi Yue introduction, circulation alkali technology is a green soda ash production of a recipe. After the use of alkaline waste liquid ammonia instead of fresh water, underground injection Salt Brine, get calcium brine, using vacuum evaporation crystallization process to achieve generation calcium salt to obtain sodium chloride and calcium chloride dihydrate two solid line with national standards product. Alkali waste liquid ammonia CaCl2 and NaCl can be fully recycling; by a certain percentage will mix with high calcium nitrate brine brine to reduce the content of sulfate ions in brine, brine purification to obtain a low nitrate can be used for soda; caustic sludge rock salt cavern injection after Brine formed by underground storage stack, so as to solve the problem caustic sludge treatment, and can effectively suppress the occurrence of geological disasters. The process after Salt Co., Ltd. Jiangsu well God applications, in the case of macro-economic downturn, the company still achieved good economic and social benefits.

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